Esper Genesis: Heroic Sci-Fi Role-Playing for 5E

Created by Alligator Alley Entertainment

Esper Genesis is a versatile science fiction RPG and setting that uses the 5th edition rules of the world's greatest roleplaying game.

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MTG Update, the future of EG, and the upcoming contest!
4 days ago – Tue, Mar 02, 2021 at 05:55:35 PM

Greetings, Espers!

It has been an extraordinarily long road through development of this project, to which we can finally see that light at the end. But, we still have a little longer to go. And so- this is also a pretty long update.

MTG Final Update

The book has had its share of delays, so I figure I would give an in-depth look as to where we are.

I had written the bare bones for the MTG around the same time that we were releasing the Core Manual. As the game evolved, we listened to what players liked, wanted, and requested, adding and changing more as the system took shape. By the time the Threats Database was out, I realized that the many of the original MTG mechanics not only didn't work anymore with one another, but it didn't stay true to our goal of not rewriting the entirety of 5E to make them work. And so, I started the revisions.

Completed Revisions:

Enhanced items remained mostly the same with some necessary balancing tweaks. Grand scale ships also got some minor tweaks, but starship construction had gone through a complete overhaul. Once that was done, we released it out to backers as part of the preview late last year.

Current Revisions:

I had to rebuild the cybernetics rules from the ground up. Many of them didn't work with the changes implemented for enhanced items. Those changes also greatly affected the rules for SIM devices and matrix combat, which also needed to be reworked. The choice was to either take the time to make these changes or eliminate them from the book entirely. As I still intended to deliver what we promised, I chose the former.

The COVID Factor:

Not long after we sent out the preview, my wife and I fell extremely ill. The next week, right before Thanksgiving, we tested positive for COVID. This put me out for almost a month and I was just short of being hospitalized. Even after it was done, I was deaf in one ear and was in a constant exhaustion for a month after that. I'll tell you now... I don't wish that illness on anyone. As this is all personal business, I've been trying to keep it outside of production discussion, but in light of the delay, it seems to be necessary for me to include it here.

Close to Done:

Beyond all that, I'm in the final stages of putting the written rules together. We recently lost one editor due to a non-competing contract from their employer, so I'm working that out as well. I estimated we would be done by the end of March and have been aiming for that goal. Right now, though, it looks more like I'll get most of the remaining chapters over to Brian for layout close to the end of this month. Whatever we finish by month end, we'll be releasing to backers, even if it's still pre-release text.

I would like to also clarify to non-backers: Late Autumn last year, we sent out a 90-page full-layout preview to backers containing the rules for running a campaign in a sci-fi environment, expanded gear, enhanced and core-forged items, and the advanced starship rules including the finalized starship construction system. Anyone who has backed this project or became a late backer via preorder has access to this preview. This should answer the speculation of whether or not people have already seen a good portion of the book.

The Future is Bright

With a new year in front of us comes some new changes. EG launched on Roll20 in the beginning of this year. The development of the compendium and the sheet are still ongoing with Charactermancer support on the way as well.

Announcements for other VTT projects are coming later this year - one likely by the start of the Summer (but I'm not allowed to give details on that yet...).

With completion of the MTG, we'll be moving many of those updates into the Basic Rules. Once that is done, we'll be able to open the EG universe up to writers who wish to build their own stories and adventures. While it likely won't happen until the MTG is printed and shipped, it is the plan for later this year.

Esper Genesis Shipwright Contest

Next week, we'll be sending out instructions for our Shipwright Contest. The contest is for project backers only, so stay tuned next week for a separate update.

Until next time!

MTG Preview and Update
4 months ago – Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 06:33:19 PM

Greetings, Espers!

It's been a few months since our last update and I'd like to give everyone an overview on where we are.

2020 has been quite a year, to say the least. While we've each been dealing with our own crises brought on by current events, we've remained dedicated to this project and have been working as much as possible to deliver the best product we can make. Which brings me to:

MTG Finalized Cover

The amazing Santi Casas has been one of our primary illustrators since the launch of EG. We have the pleasure of presenting another of Santi's fantastic illustrations — the official cover for the Master Technician's Guide.

Master Technician's Guide — ©2020 Alligator Alley Entertainment

Layout Previews

Backers and pre-orders will be receiving an 84-page Work-in-Progress preview via BackerKit, containing several chapters of the MTG. As we did with the Threats Database, we'll be releasing updates on these previews containing additional and updated content until the final version is ready to go.

If the Master Technician's Guide is part of your pledge or pre-order, please be on the lookout for a digital content email from BackerKit. Also please make sure to check your spam folder. If you haven't received one, send us an email to

As always, please contact us right away with any issues or concerns. You can also find us at the following:

Esper Genesis Facebook Group

Esper Genesis Server on Discord

Esper Genesis Homepage

Alligator Alley Entertainment Homepage

Until next time!

Upcoming Starship Preview Poll
8 months ago – Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 11:10:16 AM

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Project News and Expanded Gear Options Preview
10 months ago – Sun, May 03, 2020 at 08:52:56 AM

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Esper Genesis Update in the Midst of Pandemic
11 months ago – Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 08:00:22 AM

Hi Espers,

All of us at Alligator Alley Entertainment have been under Shelter In Place orders for a few weeks now. Of the four of us on the team, one of us has a day job that has been deemed essential, and one is able to work their day job from home. the rest of us have had to do whatever we can to keep food on the table, pay the bills, etc... 

Work has not stopped the Master Technician's Guide. Rich has been moving that book forward as best possible under the circumstances. We've organized our art assets and identified outstanding needs, and are trying to budget how we will make all of that happen. 

We've had two convention opportunities cancel so far, and expect more to come.  Of our two biggest sales generating shows, Origins has been postponed until October, and Gen Con hasn't told us they are postponing/canceling yet, but we expect to hear about that soon. We still plan to attend Gamehole Con and PAX Unplugged, providing they happen and people are congregating by then. In the meantime, Rich is contemplating a social media appearance of some kind.  We'll announce that once it's determined what it will be. There are some wonderful EG streams going on. Please check out:

We appreciate your patience and continued support while we make our way through this difficult time. We'll leave you with a bit of art from the MTG, a Kesh starship by the great Tan Ho Sim.

Kesh Starship - Art by Tan Ho Sim ©2020 Alligator Alley Entertainment

Thanks again,

The Alligator Alley Entertainment Team

Rich, Brian, Eric and Chris