Esper Genesis: Heroic Sci-Fi Role-Playing for 5E

Created by Alligator Alley Entertainment

Esper Genesis is a versatile science fiction RPG and setting that uses the 5th edition rules of the world's greatest roleplaying game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

European Fulfillment
4 months ago – Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 05:46:49 PM

Hi everyone! At this point, nearly everyone outside of Europe should have books in hand. The books to Europe are currently with German Customs awaiting transfer. In order to save shipping costs for our backers we are using a 3rd party to distribute these titles. The delay has much to do with the fact that this is the first time any of us have gone through this process. We expect to be much better at this for the next two releases.

The good news is, once it clears customs and is delivered to them, our European fulfillment partners expect to have these shipped out within 2 business days. 

Any specific questions, as always, please reach out to me directly at alligatoralleyentertainment(at) 



Back from Gen Con, European Backers, Next Products
4 months ago – Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 11:45:39 PM

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us at Gen Con, and to play EG!
It was a great show, and feedback on the Core Manual was very positive and encouraging.

For our European backers, we are extremely sorry for the delay in getting your Core Manuals out to you. We are using a partner company to get copies to Europe. We did this to reduce shipping costs, but the process has taken longer than we anticipated. We have been assured the books are in Europe and being sent to your addresses. We understand and share your frustration, and we are taking steps to avoid this kind of delay as the other products in the line become ready to ship. The next items to go our will be the dice and bookplates, which are being sent via regular mail. After that, we expect:

Screens (September)
Threats Database (PDF September, Physical Copies October)
Master Technician's Guide (PDF December, Physical Copies January)
Maps (TBD)

Thank you again for your patience. We hope to make all of these worth the wait.

The Alligator Alley Entertainment Team

ENnies Voting Has Started!
5 months ago – Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 10:16:26 PM

The Esper Genesis Basic Rules have been nominated for Best Free Game! Please take a look, and consider voting for us, and help us spread the word!

EG Basic Rules Nominated for an ENnie!
5 months ago – Thu, Jul 05, 2018 at 05:19:39 PM

The Esper Genesis Basic Rules have been nominated for an ENnie Award for Best Free Game! We would be honored if you'd consider us when the voting starts on July 11th! We're humbled and excited to be nominated, and the whole Alligator Alley Entertainment team will be going up to Gen Con and attending the ceremony. There are still open seats in our Gen Con games, so if you're attending, you may want to sign up now!

(Soon to be ) Autogrpahed Bookplate
(Soon to be ) Autogrpahed Bookplate

The Core Manuals are on their way! Thank you to everyone for posting pictures - it's really exciting to see them finally getting to you! For those who ordered the Collector's Edition, the bookplates (above) have been ordered, and we'll sign them and mail them from here in Florida as soon as they get back from the printer, along with dice for those who added them.

We're working on the screen now, and we hope to have them by Gen Con. We'll also have some Esper Genesis pins available, thanks to our friends at Sindri Solutions!  We'll post pictures when the art has been finalized.

In the meantime, we're finishing the Crucible Corps rules, which should be up shortly, and art continues to come in for the Threats Database. Here's another sample from the great Santi Casas, the deadly Kanasi!


 Thanks again for your amazing support! We're so grateful to have you as backers!

Rich, Brian, Eric and Chris
The Alligator Alley Entertainment Team

Origins Update, Game Schedule
6 months ago – Fri, Jun 08, 2018 at 06:20:47 PM

Hello Espers! Here's the most up to date schedule for Crucible Corps at Origins next week. There was some confusion in the scheduling, but this is how it got set up and we are rolling with it. Events 3674 and 3675 were not supposed to happen at the same time. If we have less than full groups for these two, they will be combined. Apologies for the morning game times!  

3680 EGCC 00-01 Fall of Eos Keldor Wednesday 1 PM  
3674 EGCC 00-03 Matokai Engine Wednesday 7 PM
3675 EGCC 00-03 Matokai Engine Wednesday 7 PM
3684 EGCC 00-02 Star Chaser Wednesday 7 PM
3676 EGCC 01-01 Basilisk Rendezvous Thursday 1 PM
3678 EGCC 01-02 Crisis at Pel Tavaria Thursday 7 PM
3681 EGCC 00-01 Fall of Eos Keldor Thursday 7 PM
3685 EGCC 00-02 Star Chaser Friday 1 PM
3677 EGCC 01-01 Basilisk Rendezvous Saturday 8 AM
3682 EGCC 01-03 Consigned to Oblivion Saturday 1 PM
3679 EGCC 01-02 Crisis at Pel Tavaria Saturday 7 PM
3683 EGCC 01-03 Consigned to Oblivion Sunday 9 AM

As you know, the Core Manual debuts at the show, and any backer is welcome to pick up their copy directly from the Studio 2 Booth, #423. We will credit your shipping costs toward any other Alligator Alley products. Backer copies will be packed for shipment by Studio 2 in N. America, and sent to Europe and worldwide right after the show. 

Our Threats Database cover artist, Charles Urbach, will be just a few booths down from us. We're hoping he'll have prints of the TD cover for sale. We also continue to get amazing threats art from Santi Casas. Check out the Shade Velbast!

 We're working hard on the Threats Database. More updates soon!

Brian, Rich, Eric, and Chris
The Alligator Alley Entertainment Team